Sustainable Building Renovations and Updating

Sustainable Building Upgrades That Make Sense

We believe the environment is worth managing, including our impact on it. As technology continues to advance to improve working conditions for every job, we strive to take advantage of that technology. We find ways for companies to use green energies like solar and wind to improve their buildings and save them money.

Better yet, we help you monitor and manage it so you can focus on what’s important to you: your business. Call us today at 1-210-253-2400 to get a quote.

Lighting Replacement and Reconfiguration

From halogen bulbs replacing old filament bulbs to newer technologies using LEDs, lights are continuing to last longer and be more efficient. New technologies are eliminating work hazards and improving if not fixing aspects of what have been identified as toxic work environments. We help identify and install these lighting systems where they can make the most impact for your company and your employees.

Solar Technology Integration

Between all of the technologies that harness the sun in some way to improve the functions of your buildings, there needs to be an overarching plan for using them. We offer monitoring and installation services to make sure that the multiple solar technologies you use are being the most benefit to you and your company.

Solar-Thermal Heating

The heat of the sun can be used not just for electricity, but for directly heating and cooling your building. This technology supplements your HVAC system, allowing the heat from the sun to heat the water used in your building. This reduces the work required by a boiler, saving you money from reduced use and reduced wear and tear on the unit.

Window Replacement and Filming

An average house loses as much as 30% of it’s energy through leaks in and around its windows. A commercial building is no different. Windows can be replaced to reduce and eliminate these leaks, making your heating and air conditioning cost you less every year. Protective films can also be added to keep out heat from the sun, reduce glare, and other benefits adding to their efficiency.

Radiant Barrier Paint and Foils

Heat can be absorbed in many ways by your building, a large one being the color and material of the outer walls. By coating the outside with a radiant barrier paint or foil, you can reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the sun up to 85%, making it much easier to maintain temperatures inside your building.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Installation

The wind can also be captured with dedicated turbines. As opposed to horizontal axis turbines seen on wind farms, vertical axis turbines are much more compact and can be installed on top of your building as well as in your parking lots or around the rest of your property. These are also much easier to maintain, and can function in any wind direction.

No matter what your situation is, we believe in finding the better way. Give us a call at 1-210-253-2400 to learn more and get a quote.